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“Redefining the Future of Wealth,One Woman at a Time”

The Visionary Behind Dhanvesttor: Anooshka Soham Bathwal

Anooshka is the CEO & Founder of Dhanvesttor. Academically, she holds three master’s degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Personally, she has always been a finance enthusiast, an outgoing soul, and a public speaker with a strong personality.

Yet, when she started working in finance, she kept feeling intimidated in a room filled with men in suits. On sensing discomfort, she deeply reflected and connected with like-minded individuals only to realise that she wasn’t alone; there were other women who too felt overwhelmed by the male-centric financial arena. This inspired her to create Dhanvesttor, a safe space for women in finance. At Dhanvesttor, women learn and grow their wealth without inhibition, thereby fostering a community of shared knowledge and empowerment.

Anooshka’s passion to create positive and transformational change in society through women empowerment combined with her leadership skills and global awareness makes her an ideal social entrepreneur. With her steadfast spirit and embodiment of resilience, she consistently inspires those around her.

One can say that through tireless determination, she carved out a niche in the Indian male-dominated wealth management sector. Her journey has been characterised by strength in the face of challenges, a deep understanding of the unique financial needs of UHNI women, and a pursuit of excellence.

For Anooshka, Dhanvesttor is more than just a venture; it’s a purpose, an embodiment of her belief in a world where every woman takes charge of her financial story, where her enthusiasm for finance finds its truest meaning.

London School of Economics & Political Science

MSc in Accounting & Finance

London School of Economics & Political Science

Global MSc in Management, Strategy & International Business


Financial Enthusiast

Visionary Social Entrepreneur

Advocate of Gender Equality


Dhanvesttor, A Pioneering Wealth Management Firm

Introducing India’s newest boutique wealth management firm, Dhanvesttor, designed by women, for women.
To establish a women-inclusive financial ecosystem that encourages and empowers women to attain their financial dreams.
Empowering women to take control of their financial futures by not only maximising their wealth opportunities but also holistically developing them into finance-confident individuals.
“Dhanvesttor transforms the traditional wealth management experience, ensuring UHNI women feel seen, heard and empowered in their pursuit of financial independence and prosperity”

What Makes Dhanvesttorthe Ideal Choice for You?

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We create a compassionate & non-judgmental environment to support our community in achieving their financial aspirations
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We holistically work towards inspiring & assisting women to take control of their financial voyage
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We personally sit with clients to understand their unique financial dreams, needs & apprehensions
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We effectively develop customised investment strategies as per the client’s exclusive financial goals