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Dhanvesttor, A Pioneering Wealth Management Firm
Introducing India’s Newest Boutique Wealth Management Firm,Dhanvesttor, Designed by Women, for Women
Our philosophy

Her Money, Her Growth

We aim to foster holistic growth, inspiring women to embrace their financial dreams

The financial gender gap in investing remains significant, with only one in five investors being women, even in today’s more egalitarian society.

When women choose not to invest their personal savings, they incur both explicit losses, as idle savings lose purchasing power due to rising inflation, and implicit losses, as men take charge of managing their wealth, resulting in a loss of autonomy and control over their personal savings.

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At Dhanvesttor, we believe that can women turn their financial dreams into reality
We are a dependable partner, who’s capabilities you can trust on
We develop the best possible solutions for you
We deliver positive financial returns and growth
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Our founder

The Visionary Behind Dhanvesttor: Anooshka Soham Bathwal

Anooshka is the CEO & Founder of Dhanvesttor. Academically, she holds three master’s degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Personally, she has always been a finance enthusiast, an outgoing soul, and a public speaker with a strong personality.

Yet, when she started working in finance, she kept feeling intimidated in a room filled with men in suits. On sensing discomfort, she deeply reflected and connected with like-minded individuals only to realise that she wasn’t alone; there were other women who too felt overwhelmed by the male-centric financial arena. This inspired her to create Dhanvesttor, a safe space for women in finance. At Dhanvesttor, women learn and grow their wealth without inhibition, thereby fostering a community of shared knowledge and empowerment.

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